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Farmer and Witch Plans - Instant Download Halloween Show by Tony Chris
Farmer and Witch Plans - Instant Download Halloween Show by Tony Chris
Why Wait? Get the instructions now as a download! At last, a Double Exchange Illusion worked with children from the audience. No additional props or apparatus required. A baffling exchange that will bring rounds of applause.Tony Chris performs as his children's performer persona, Count Zackula in his Halloween magic family show.



Abbotts Daring Spring Trap Un-Plated Alien Vegetation From Outer Space
Abbotts Daring Spring Trap Un-PlatedAlien Vegetation From Outer Space
A truly unique piece of entertainment! Very suspenseful (especially when used as a "Russian Roulette" routine) but harmless as shown in the demo. Save $5 when purchased without the plating for those who would like to paint their trap.This most spectacular flower production has many features that should not be overlooked.



Always Remember to Floss by Dan Sperry Bizarre Magic Show - Harlan
Always Remember to Floss by Dan SperryBizarre Magic Show - Harlan
In recent years the gut wrenching Razor Blade swallowing illusion has become increasingly popular. What has always been regarded as a stage routine has now been adapted for close up and street performing environments by Dan Sperry.The Bizarre Magic Show performed on this volume is not for every audience as its themes are dark, somewhat disturbing, and sometimes even bloody. However, in the right venue and for the right audience, these pieces can be some of the most memorable magic you'll every perform for any audience.



Box of Thing Cardiac
Box of ThingCardiac
Box of Thing can be used as both a production or to vanish an animal or a load of silks! In stock and ready to ship, buy two and do transpositions from one box to another.nvite a spectator to take your pulse. To ensure there is nothing restricting your pulse, allow them to check under your arms and examine your arms completely. They will agree there are no devices on you. Ask them to find your pulse. When they...



Come Good Spirits Cut 2.0 LIMITED by Ran Pink
Come Good SpiritsCut 2.0 LIMITED by Ran Pink
If you're looking for a different type of act, this is it."As close to real magic as it gets... bloody amazing." - Dynamo The ability to speed up the healing process in the human body is one of the most sought after abilities in human history. Check out the demo, it is not cgi. Only 2 left, first come first served.



Dark Matter Secrets Disembodied Alien Heads
Dark Matter SecretsDisembodied Alien Heads
SELECT FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE The ultimate spooky magic book, Abbott's Dark Matter Secrets has over 400 pages, well over 100 effects, Stage Illusions (complete with workshop plans), Side Show Illusions, Mentalism, Closeup, Parlor etc. Demo!Selected head appears inside covered glass



DOA by Morgan Strebler and Sansmind Don't Lie Spirit Bell
DOA by Morgan Strebler and Sansmind Don't Lie Spirit Bell
Throughout human history, people have used various of methods to control pulses. What would you do if you have the ability to control not only your own pulse but also someone else's pulse. Imagine yourself recreating the effect on any innocent...The effect is centuries old. It has been performed throughout the world for just as long. A spectator asks a question and the bell rings back, answering the spectators questions.



EVP by Alan Rorrison Ghost Cabinet - Timko
EVP by Alan RorrisonGhost Cabinet - Timko
EVP is the strongest miracle you could ever perform with a borrowed cellphone. EVP gives you the power to put the apparent PROOF of life after death onto your spectator's phone. A memento they can keep forever and never forget. Check out the Demo!Cabinet is shown, glass on one side, ball on the other. Door is closed on the cabinet. When the door is opened the ball has traveled to the other side of the cabinet, and is now in the glass. Cabinet can be shown from all sides. Can be performed...



Ghost Key Mental Bell by JL Magic
Ghost KeyMental Bell by JL Magic
Place this mysterious skeleton key in the palm of your hand and watch it slowly turn over as though it had a life of its own! Totally Examinable Before and After! NO Threads! NO Wires! NO Magnets! Easy to Learn in Minutes! Demo!With Mental Bell by JL Magic make a bell mysteriously ring with the power of your mind. You can even be standing across the stage or room. So many uses! Which-hand routines In combination with other mentalism effects Seances And more. Easy to use. High quality rope and bell.




Psychic Rasmus Haunted Deck
PsychicRasmus Haunted Deck
"Psychic" is a mentalism trick that you can use in every situation. This effect proves that all is already written. Be sure that the fortune teller say the truth!You walk away from the table as far as you like and concentrate, after a few seconds and a magical gesture the upper half of the deck slowly starts to move, so SLOWLY and SPOOKY, that the spectators probably will believe in ghosts or in your magical powers.



Sefalaljia 2 Silk Through Skeleton
Sefalaljia 2Silk Through Skeleton
Limited Edition - Stewart James’ legendary miniature one man spirit cabinet. Ropes and rings link, a large nail bends, a ball rolls out of the cabinet as if moved by the spirits, and objects move about and invert in baffling ways! See Demo!Pass a silk through the vertebrae of a skeleton, supply your own skeleton (Walmarts has them for 29.95)



SPIRIT PAINTING Spooky Magic Kit (Wonder)
SPIRIT PAINTINGSpooky Magic Kit (Wonder)
Spirit Painting- A very popular effect from the vaudeville era, but seldom seen in decades. An image slowly and eerily materializes on a blank canvas, and then fades away as mysteriously as it appeared. The image can be of a person thought of by...Use 6 props and commonly available objects to do 25 spooky magic tricks with this kit. Includes illustrated step-by-step instructions. Ages 8+.

Finger Chopper; Cannibal's Bone; Cockroach Horror; Buttons of Fire; Mystic Vampire; Cobra Eggs and more.



Sword Through Necktie Tops Treasury of Halloween Magic Download
Sword Through NecktieTops Treasury of Halloween Magic Download
This is the famous Sword Through Neck illusion, constructed in a necktie. As a result you have a sword apparently going through the bare neck without any shielding by a "frame" or "stock". Comes complete with special tie that makes this possible, and stainless steel sword and scabbard.In the Fall of 2011 we put together a collection of Halloween magic and articles that appeared in past issues of Tops magazine between 1936 and 1994. The "2011 Halloween Special" was so successful that we decided to compile the information into a pdf format.



Visible Sawing - Mak Head on Sword Plans - Instant Download
Visible Sawing - Mak Head on Sword Plans - Instant Download
Perform the famous SAWING A GIRL IN HALF ILLUSION. A real feature effect that packs in a suitcase with the rest of your show. Borrow a girl right out of the audience. Demo!An upholstered throne-type chair is seen, along with a sword resting across the arms of the chair. As impossible as it may seem, there resting on the sword is a live head!



Headless Woman Plans - Instant Download Living Head Plans - Instant Download
Headless Woman Plans - Instant Download Living Head Plans - Instant Download
The instrument panel is very elaborate and when it is operated, the colored liquid in the clear glass jars bubble with life and action - making this a most colorful, as well as, a completely mystifying illusion.There does not seem to be any possibilities for concealing the body anywhere, as the audience has an unobstructed view under the table at all times.



Haunted Key and Book Last Card On Planet Krypton
Haunted Key and BookLast Card On Planet Krypton
The Key Magically Turns Over In Your Hand! Book compiled by Dick Williams. This booklet details more routines, tips and tricks with the Haunted Key than you ever knew existed.A Jack Hughes creation



Floating Death Head Sacrificial Cremation Illusion
Floating Death HeadSacrificial Cremation Illusion
Easy to do, and this is a good pocket effect for your own use or as a gift. The performer displays a picture of "Death" or the Grim Reaper. He gestures in front of the picture, and the reaper's head rises and floats up, then back in place.Complete with break-down altar, metal tubes, prayer mat, torch, red fire powder and instructions.



Sword Thru Neck Casadega Cabinet
Sword Thru NeckCasadega Cabinet
A slightly gruesome effect, yes, but one that never fails to click. This is just the illusion you have been waiting for as you can use a volunteer assistant.The Casadega Cabinet is full professional size and finished in natural wood and lacquers. Comes complete with workshop plans, routine bell, tambourine and gimmicks.



Disecto Farmer and the Witch
DisectoFarmer and the Witch
A visible wrist cutter, the blade is always in full view. Push Disectos blade through the carrot in the top, slicing it in half, continue pushing the blade through their wrist! Demo!The greatest achievement in modern mystery that has ever been brought out for the club and church performer.



Frame of Life and Death Full Light Spirit Seance
Frame of Life and DeathFull Light Spirit Seance
Check out the Demo! Spectator is selected from the audience. They are seated in the frame of life and death. The Magician adjusts the controls and the spectator's head slowly & visibly changes to a skull which can be removed from the box. In stock and ready for pickup or FOB Shipment.We supply the best quality apparatus obtainable for this effect. Complete with cloth, gimmick, instructions, bell and tambourine.



Glorpy Guillotine
This is the ORIGINAL and BEST haunted handkerchief effect. Do not be fooled by imitations! DEMO by Greg Bordner!The blade may even be pushed up and down through the victim?s neck.



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