Harbin X 2

Harbin X 2
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It is widely agreed that Robert Harbin was one of Magic's most inventive geniuses. He is the inventor of the Zig Zag and other illusions that rank among the most performed stage effects of the twentieth century. However, this was merely the tip of Harbin's creative iceberg. In fact, he invented so many illusions, escapes and tricks of all types, they could not be fit into one book. Hence, this handsome two-volume set.

Volume 1 is a brand-new compilation, Early Harbin, edited and introduced by William Broecker. In this volume, the author has gathered Harbin's many magazine contributions and 7 published books and manuscripts from 1929 to 1942, plus additional items never before in print.

Volume 2 is a reprint of the large 1979 collection, Harbincadabra, which offers his many contributions to Abracadabra magazine from 1947 to 1965. Over 600 pages of Harbin magic, fully indexed.

No, you won't find the Zig Zag Illusion in these two large volumes; instead you will get a huge assortment of Harbin miracles that everyone else isn't doing! Let the genius of Robert Harbin make your act both baffling and different.

A deluxe two volume set in cloth slipcase.