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Abbotts Shenanigan Die Box Abbotts Botaniette
Abbotts Shenanigan Die BoxAbbotts Botaniette
Couple demonstrations by Greg Bordner, Abbotts webmaster and the late Jack Bridwell show the versatility of this prop. Works great with "Stratospheres" as shown in the demo, but really this is limited by your imagination.You could close a club or platform act with Botaniette and be assured of sustained applause. Check out the demonstrations by Greg Bordner.



Vortex Magic Presents THE FORCE Wallet (Large) SPIRIT PAINTING
Vortex Magic Presents THE FORCE Wallet (Large)SPIRIT PAINTING
One of the very best pack-small-play-big routines out there. BONUS - Paul Romhany shares his CHAIR TEST routine, which is now possible using THE FORCE (Large Wallet). Check out the demonstration!Spirit Painting- A very popular effect from the vaudeville era, but seldom seen in decades. An image slowly and eerily materializes on a blank canvas, and then fades away as mysteriously as it appeared. The image can be of a person thought of by...



BOTTLED SPIRITS - A New Dancing Hank & Bottle Dove Thru Glass
BOTTLED SPIRITS - A New Dancing Hank & BottleDove Thru Glass
FIRST TIME ADVERTISED - This is a one man, self-contained dancing handkerchief in a bottle. No assistants, no backdrops or special lighting, no electronics, no invisible thread, nothing attached to the performer. No set-up, ready to perform any time, DEMO!I received the dove through the glass illusion today ,and I'm very pleased with the product hardwood construction and it works perfectly, I owned and performed this effect in the mid-70s,but I actually think this new version is even better than the old one. Tim J. Goswick.



Sefalaljia 2 Abbotts Flower Dart
Sefalaljia 2Abbotts Flower Dart
Limited Edition - Stewart James’ legendary miniature one man spirit cabinet. Ropes and rings link, a large nail bends, a ball rolls out of the cabinet as if moved by the spirits, and objects move about and invert in baffling ways! See Demo!This single bloom flower is almost six inches in diameter and eight inches in height. See Demonstration by Greg Bordner.



Hot Fire Wallet - Metal Interior Abbotts Super Botania
Hot Fire Wallet - Metal InteriorAbbotts Super Botania
Pull out your wallet. Open it up and it BURSTS into Flames! Standard bi-fold hip wallet. Made of soft black leather.This most spectacular flower production has many features that should not be overlooked. Abbott's Super Botania contains eighteen blooms. No skill required.



Abbotts Diablo Hank Duvivier Wallet (Gimmick and Online Instructions)
Abbotts Diablo HankDuvivier Wallet (Gimmick and Online Instructions)
Diablo Hank is a new device (an updated Devils Hank) for the vanish of small objects. You will find many uses for Diablo Hank.After 15 years of waiting, it's available again! THE all-in-one revolutionary wallet: - Himber Wallet: You can use it for your favorite routines using a switching wallet. - Kaps Wallet: The signed card disappears from the deck and then reappears...



Miracle Rope by Bill Neff Dorny's Comedy Blackouts
Miracle Rope by Bill NeffDorny's Comedy Blackouts
Since the article about this in Magic Magazine (Oct 2010) by Gabe Fajuri we have had trouble keeping up with the demand. Absolutely clean - the method is undetectable.The only book of its kind ever published! A great collection of comedy "blackouts" for use by magicians and others who wish to add variety and spice to their programs and shows.



Mindfreak Platinum Magic Set Rubik Mind Twisting Magic Set
Mindfreak Platinum Magic SetRubik Mind Twisting Magic Set
Amaze your friends and family with mind-blowing illusions compiled by TV's Criss Angel. Includes props for performing more than 350 magic tricks, along with step-by-step directions, and instructional DVD !The Rubik's Mind Twisting Magic Set lets you produce, vanish and transform the iconic Rubik's Cube! Over 200 tricks to wow and impress! Check out the Demo! Sale price ends December 26



Secrets of the Great Magicians' Royal Magic Set Penn And Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit
Secrets of the Great Magicians' Royal Magic SetPenn And Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit
Chock-full of excellent tricks for the beginner. Each magic set comes complete with an hour-long instructional DVD teaching the purchaser how to perform with all the props included with the set! Instock and Ready to ShipIn Stock and Ready To Ship. Penn & Teller & Royal Magic! Penn & Teller are the grandmasters of magic. You've seen them on "Celebrity Apprentice," "America's Got Talent," and their hit TV series, "Penn & Teller: Fool Us!"



Mysteries of the Master Magicians Abbotts Daring Spring Trap Un-Plated
Mysteries of the Master MagiciansAbbotts Daring Spring Trap Un-Plated
The "Classic Mysteries of the Master Magicians" magic set makes an excellent gift for magicians of all ages. Professional magicians selected time-tested tricks that are easy to do, yet completely baffling. This Kit is Instock and Ready to ShipA truly unique piece of entertainment! Very suspenseful (especially when used as a "Russian Roulette" routine) but harmless as shown in the demo. Save $5 when purchased without the plating for those who would like to paint their trap.



Scotch & Soda, Centavo Magnetic - Sterling Mini Finger Reel with Stop
Scotch & Soda, Centavo Magnetic - SterlingMini Finger Reel with Stop
A U.S. Half Dollar & a Mexican Centavo are shown. Both coins are placed in an open palm of a spectator. Ask them to close his or her hand. You asks the spectator which two coins are in their hand. They will reply “A U.S. Half dollar & a Mexican...Mini Finger Reel with Stop (India) $15 – Brass, flesh-colored, locking finger reel. Brand new in the box, with instructions.



Linking Ropes Abbotts Folding Table Servante
Linking RopesAbbotts Folding Table Servante
Select a free gift from Abbotts when purchasing this product! Perform the famous linking rings routine with ropes.The three lengths of rope are tied right in front of spectators and then linked and unlinked at will. Completely mechanical action. Demo by Greg Bordner!Attach this gimmick to any table in a second, forming a noiseless shelf for the vanish or secret loading and production of concealed articles into hats, production devices, etc. An invaluable accessory.



Spotted Asrah in Miniature
SpottedAsrah in Miniature
A visual climax! A Henry Durkin creation. Check out the demonstration by BJ Mallen and see the potential of this effect in your own show.One of the greatest levitation mysteries in the history of magic is now available in miniature form! Check out the demo by Greg Bordner



MUSIC BOX Standard (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Gee Magi Tumble Bug
MUSIC BOX Standard (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Gee MagiTumble Bug
Music is one of the most powerful art form that he have, now imagine when combine it with magic. Effects: 1. You start by showing a music box and strip of paper with some holes. You start playing the music and they will not recognize the music....Tumblebug tumbles all over, Tumblebug will tumble on a mat, it will tumble on a rug, it will tumble on glass, it will tumble on a hard or soft service, but it won't tumble in the spectators hand. Be the magic man with the tumblebug, check out the demo



Abbott’s Supersonic Table Flange
Abbott’s Supersonic Table Flange
For use with the Abbott’s Supersonic Table Base. Use flat head screws to permanently fasten this flange to the bottom of a table top (we would suggest a size less than 20 inches for best stability). Place the table flange over the Supersonic...


121 - 149 of 149 items