Stewart James’ legendary miniature one man spirit cabinet.


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Balloon to Bunny Nielsen Vanishing Bottles - Coke Full or Empty
Balloon to BunnyNielsen Vanishing Bottles - Coke Full or Empty
The performer displays an empty box with a see through front covered with bars. A balloon is placed in the box, clearly visible through that see through front. The balloon is burst and instantly transforms into a bunny rabbit. You could use a...Nielsen quality vanishing bottles. Coke full, and coke empty. Vinyl labels included, just not applied for photo. Ready for immediate shipment. Check out Demo!



Abbotts Daring Spring Trap Un-Plated Abbotts Spirit Slates Stage Size
Abbotts Daring Spring Trap Un-PlatedAbbotts Spirit Slates Stage Size
A truly unique piece of entertainment! Very suspenseful (especially when used as a "Russian Roulette" routine) but harmless as shown in the demo. Save $5 when purchased without the plating for those who would like to paint their trap.These are special order and built here at Abbotts. Huge stage size spirit slates, visible in the larges of venues.



The Zombie Book Freaky Body Illusions
The Zombie BookFreaky Body Illusions
From the Creative Twister Team comes an innovative Children's Magic Routine! Luis Zavaleta, Professor Otto and George Iglesias teamed up to develop a new magic trick. Indeed, it is much more that a...Using these incredible magic props and DVD you will amaze your friends and family with a whole list of Freaky Body Illusions!




Haunted Deck Plus 2.0 by Antwan Towner video DOWNLOAD Creeper by Justin Miller video DOWNLOAD
Haunted Deck Plus 2.0 by Antwan Towner video DOWNLOADCreeper by Justin Miller video DOWNLOAD
A cool new take on an old effect! A borrowed deck, no electronics, no loops, no devices, no sleeves, no magnets, easy setup, bonus effects included, tips and tricks for fearless handling and...The Ultimate Haunted Wallet Effect! Make your wallet come to life even while the spectator is touching it. Even place your wallet on a borrowed cell phone and BOTH objects move around in a weird...



Eugene Burger: From Beyond by Lawrence Hass and Eugene Burger EVP by Alan Rorrison
Eugene Burger: From Beyond by Lawrence Hass and Eugene BurgerEVP by Alan Rorrison
Per Eugene's wishes, Larry has held onto this goldmine and it is now ready to be shared with the world. Full of Eugene's unpublished material with over 15 parlor, stage and spirit theater routines. Included is his Spirit Slates - See Demo!EVP is the strongest miracle you could ever perform with a borrowed cellphone. EVP gives you the power to put the apparent PROOF of life after death onto your spectator's phone. A memento they can keep forever and never forget. Check out the Demo!



Bizarre Magic Show - Harlan Alien Autopsy
Bizarre Magic Show - HarlanAlien Autopsy
The Bizarre Magic Show performed on this volume is not for every audience as its themes are dark, somewhat disturbing, and sometimes even bloody. However, in the right venue and for the right audience, these pieces can be some of the most memorable magic you'll every perform for any audience.Comes complete with all of the necessary, full-color cards and detailed, fully-illustrated instructions.



MEDIUM by Hugo Valenzuela Rocco's Prisma Lites SOUND Pair (High Voltage/Red)
MEDIUM by Hugo ValenzuelaRocco's Prisma Lites SOUND Pair (High Voltage/Red)
"Everything that is invisible to the eye is often difficult to believe. For this reason, many people still question the existence of the spirits and energies..." Say the above during your performance, or perhaps the following: "Spirits do not...Rocco, the originator of "light from anywhere" and Murphy's Magic are proud to announce PRISMA LITES SOUND™ . PRISMA LITES SOUND™ are extremely fun and can be added into any routine!! Make light appear, disappear, move from hand to hand or pass...



Bicycle Monster Playing Cards Private Medium & Fortune Tellers Secret Psychic Cold Reading
Bicycle Monster Playing CardsPrivate Medium & Fortune Tellers Secret Psychic Cold Reading
DON'T BE SCARED!! A spooky, premium deck of Bicycle-branded playing cards inspired by the classic monsters from stories and myths. These have been created in a fun style that will appeal to all ages. Each set of courts represents a different type...Collected and compiled by Nathan Demdyke, this download package includes a photo illustrated PDF eBook with 110 pages of dynamite information. It is accompanied by a file containing over 250 photos of a recently-deceased professional fortune...



SURREALCHEMY by Scott Creasey eBook Horror Magic by Jim Magus
SURREALCHEMY by Scott Creasey eBookHorror Magic by Jim Magus
SURREALCHEMY is a term that was coined by Tony 'Doc' Sheils in his 1989 publication, "The Cantrip Codex," and it is a word that sums up the routines in this book. Within these 38 pages you will find four of Scott's favorite bizarre/surreal...Horror Magic is a fantastic resource for Bazaar Magic performers. If you would like to haunt a house or scare some friends this book is for you. If you would like to put on a weird magic show, with some of the eeriest and most frightening tricks...



Oversized Marked ESP Cards Color Changing Playing Card
Oversized Marked ESP CardsColor Changing Playing Card
If you ever saw the original Ghost Busters (with Bill Murray) you will know the possibilities for a deck like this are endless. Very simple to learn but a very strong and memorable effect. Check out the demonstration by BJ Mallen and Greg Bordner.Check out the demo by BJ Mallen. Color Changing Playing Cards from Big Guy's Magic. Super fast action! Colors change in an instant! Each card is hand made with care here in the USA and checked for quality workmanship. Great visual magic!



61 - 80 of 80 items