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Abbotts Basket Girl Illusion Spectacular Finale
Abbotts Basket Girl IllusionSpectacular Finale
Here is a feature illusion that can be done anywherePositively nothing ....but nothing in the whole field of magic has proven so sensational ... so exciting ... as Abbott?s SPECTACULAR FINALE!



Zambora The Amazon Girl Abbotts Bryce's Screen
Zambora The Amazon GirlAbbotts Bryce's Screen
SOLD OUT Step right up and see “Zambora, the Amazon Girl” and a brand new illusionette sized version of the legendary “Girl to Gorilla” carnival sideshow attraction! Any person’s hand is placed inside the cabinet...Packs flat and plays big



Abbotts Extended Blade Guillotine Abbotts Super X Levitation
Abbotts Extended Blade GuillotineAbbotts Super X Levitation
This is the extended blade guillotine. Great for stage performances. Usually done as a comedy effect, where the person is unharmed by the vicious looking apparatus. *Note $1000.00 does not include shipping.You can work this illusion immediately. This illusion can be performed in the center of a brilliantly lighted stage, away from all curtains and drops. See DEMO my Percy Abbott!



Chinese Chopper Frame of Life and Death
Chinese ChopperFrame of Life and Death
The construction is of the best. The paint job is "as smooth as velvet". Cutout Chinese design in red, black and gold lacquers.Check out the Demo! Spectator is selected from the audience. They are seated in the frame of life and death. The Magician adjusts the controls and the spectator's head slowly & visibly changes to a skull which can be removed from the box. In stock and ready for pickup or FOB Shipment.



Sacrificial Cremation Illusion
Sacrificial Cremation Illusion
Complete with break-down altar, metal tubes, prayer mat, torch, red fire powder and instructions.


1 - 9 of 9 items