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  • Item #: gsIllusionology
  • Manufacturer: George Schindler
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Closely guarded secrets of the illusionologists are revealed!

(Albert D. Schafer) Look closely, for the secrets of the world's most famous magicians and illusionists - from the ancient Egyptians through the early twentieth century "Handcuff King" himself - are contained within! More than a fascinating history of magic through the ages, Illusionology is an indispensable guide unveiling step-by-step instructions for more than twenty-five astonishing feats . Master the classic cups-and-ball illusion! Mesmerize your friends with mindreading card tricks! Along with sundry flaps and booklets, readers will find props for their own sleight of hand, including:

A magical "dematerializer"
A set of trick playing cards
A pair of "disappearing spot" paddles
A "levitating" card!

A great gift item for magicians