Instant Fortune Teller

Instant Fortune Teller
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  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Imagine being to give a Tarot Card Reading without years of practice.

That's exactly what you will do with the Instant Fortune Teller Kit.

The sitter (spectator) thinks of a question, and after the tarot cards are dealt into a spread the Fortune Teller instantly answers their question.

Nothing is written down or spoken by the spectator but somehow the Fortune Teller knows all! BUT HOW!?

All the instructions for this and more inside.

Now you can become an INSTANT FORTUNE TELLER today, and best of all there is no skill required!

This effect allows you to apply your knowledge of Numerology, Astrology, Mythology, and aspects of most major divination systems.

Unbelievable! You get complete instructions including sample readings, Specially printed Tarot Cards and Madam Suzanne's questions list.