Linking Rings

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Linking Rings, 5-inch (Royal Magic) Atom Rings (Apprentice Magic)
Linking Rings, 5-inch (Royal Magic) Atom Rings (Apprentice Magic)
Linking Rings, 5-inch (Royal Magic) $27.50 — A true magical classic. Made in the USA, with this set of eight rings, any routine is possible, from the basic (provided with each set in the form of detailed, illustrated instructions), to the most...Atom Rings (Apprentice Magic) $9 — ATOM RINGS is a VISUAL demonstration of SOLID THROUGH SOLID! EFFECT: In this version, You show four separate, solid rings of steel. You explain how you have the ability to break down atoms and pass a SOLID RING...



Chinese Linking Rings by Bob White Close Up Linking Rings BLACK
Chinese Linking Rings by Bob WhiteClose Up Linking Rings BLACK
It makes little difference whether you are tying to learn the Chinese linking Rings or anything else in magic; clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish makes it easier to learn correctly and accelerate your progress. Studying this...These are the nicest rings money can buy. The best ring routines you will see. This set lets you perform a routine joining 4 rings together. DVD Contents: Start Routine The count Follow along Spectator Unlink move Convincers Link/unlink Final...



Comedy Linking Rings - Ginn Dragonfly Rings (Magic Makers)
Comedy Linking Rings - GinnDragonfly Rings (Magic Makers)
This routine has been presented before every type and age audience. You WON'T find a lot of fancy and beautiful moves here but you WILL find a routine filled with laughs and entertainment.The timeless mystery of the linking rings is now a pocket sized wonder! Check out the demonstration of this effect!



Four Ring Routine - Whit Haydn Linking Rings 10" - Chrome
Four Ring Routine - Whit HaydnLinking Rings 10" - Chrome
The routine used by professionals! Commercial entertainment with four Linking Rings!A true magical classic.



Linking Rings 10" - Stainless Steel
Linking Rings 10" - Stainless Steel
A true magical classic.


1 - 9 of 9 items