Linking Rings

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Close Up Linking Rings BLACK Comedy Linking Rings - Ginn
Close Up Linking Rings BLACKComedy Linking Rings - Ginn
These are the nicest rings money can buy. The best ring routines you will see. This set lets you perform a routine joining 4 rings together. DVD Contents: Start Routine The count Follow along Spectator Unlink move Convincers Link/unlink Final...This routine has been presented before every type and age audience. You WON'T find a lot of fancy and beautiful moves here but you WILL find a routine filled with laughs and entertainment.



Dragonfly Rings Four Ring Routine - Whit Haydn
Dragonfly RingsFour Ring Routine - Whit Haydn
The timeless mystery of the linking rings is now a pocket sized wonder! Check out the demonstration of this effect!The routine used by professionals! Commercial entertainment with four Linking Rings!



Linking Rings (World's Greatest Magic) Ring Rhapsody
Linking Rings (World's Greatest Magic)Ring Rhapsody
In this volume, you'll discover the Linking Rings, one of magic's most enduring classics.A sparkling new effect by one of Magic's greatest originators.



Twenty Five Tricks with Linking Rings DVD Linking Rings - Golden - Close-Up
Twenty Five Tricks with Linking Rings DVDLinking Rings - Golden - Close-Up
Troy Hooser will teach you how to perform this classic trick, and many of its startling variations.These sets of rings are heavy duty, and are made to last. The perfect beginning set of Linking Rings. Nice 5 inch, Golden Rings!! Demo by Greg Bordner.



Linking Rings 10" - Chrome Linking Rings 10" - Stainless Steel
Linking Rings 10" - ChromeLinking Rings 10" - Stainless Steel
A true magical classic.A true magical classic.



Richard Ross DVD
Richard Ross DVD
Witness the spellbinding stage magic of a three-time FISM winner


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