Lota Bowl - 6" - Morrissey

Lota Bowl - 6" - Morrissey
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The Lota Bowl has become a classic of magic, used by such well known magicians as Dante and Blackstone. Now you too can add this amazing effect to your program.

The magician finds an attractive aluminum bowl on the stage and pours water from it until it is empty. At the command of the magician, it fills with water. The bowl is emptied a second time and is again found to be full of water. Over and over water is poured from the "obviously empty" bowl.

Where does the water come from? Ah - that's the secret! This tremendous effect may be used throughout your performance as a running gag between each routine. The water is always under your control. Place some flowers in it before your show and it appears to be an innocent vase for decoration. Then simply remove the flowers and begin to amaze your audience.

Magicians have used the Lota Bowl for years in magic shows for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and YMCA Indian Guides to reinforce fire safety for the children and leaders. It's also a wonderful effect for a corporate presentation to illustrate the continuous and repeated flow of "creative juices" required to succeed in today's competitive business environment. The Lota Bowl is perfect for magicians, clowns, storytellers and MC's.

The Lota Bowl is perfect for magicians, clowns, storytellers and MC's. The Lota Bowl measures 6 inches high, holds a 40 ounce load and will effectively pour up to 10 times. It is manufactured from aluminum, highly polished and lacquered for a lasting gleaming appearance. A larger, 10" high lota is also available. You receive the Lota Bowl and instructions.