Magic Set - Deluxe 2 w/ Alum Attatche

Magic Set - Deluxe 2 w/ Alum Attatche
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  • Item #: P6463
  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $60.00
This Fantasma Select Showcase is Professional Magic, Yet Easy to Do! Over 100 Quality Illusions & Aluminum Carrying Case!

  • Magic Trick Box Produce, change or magically restore playing cards and more!
  • Dime & Penny Vanish a dime with these special trick coins!
  • Ring-Scape Cause a solid metal ring to penetrate off an ordinary shoelace!
  • Chain Escape Escape from a locked, solid metal chain in seconds!
  • Aladdins Handkerchief Ghostly movements appear under this special hanky!
  • Psychic Deck Perform many amazing card miracles

    The Magic Collection includes all of the necessary props and instructions for the above effects and many, many more, and it all fits inside the included high quality aluminum carrying case!