Magicana of Havana

Magicana of Havana
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Listen to what they're saying about Magicana of Havana:

George Schindler - "The Jumbo Card Routine is worth the price of the book."

Ed Mishell - "This book comprises a lifetime of study on practical, visual and novel close-up and platform effects with coins, cards and ropes. This is a worthwhile addition to your magic library and knowledge."

Frank Garcia - "Magicana of Havana contains some of the most refreshing new ideas and effects that I ever found in a new book. In a class by itself - a must for all sleight of hand workers."

This book is published and written by Jose De La Torre and edited by Marc Tessler. It is an 80 page book, soft bound, with 247 illustrations. Contents:

Cards: Oil & Water, Oil & Water Reversed and Finale, Jumbo Cards 4 as 4 and Special 4 as 4, The Aces Follow the Leader, Triumphant Aces and the Leader, Again the Aces and the Leader, Impossible Discovery, The Three Diamonds and the Queen.

Coins: Four Coin Appearance, Four Coins to Glass Bombshell, Four Coin Vanish, My Roll Down, Sponge - Coin Palm, Rear Back Palm (two methods).

Ropes: New Professors Nightmare (including Cutting the Rope, The False Count, The Illusion of the Short, Medium and Long Ropes, The Triple A Illusion, The Paramount Long Rope Illusion), Knots To You! (The sliding knot).

As a bonus: Ed Mishell's subtleties. Written by Jose de la Torre.