Matrix Booklet

Matrix Booklet
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The concept of “Matrix” was created by Al Schneider as was the name of the concept. This book is devoted to the routine which started the whole “matrix” thing. Created by the author is 1961, “Matrix” has become a classic effect in magic. This is the original! “Matrix” is the original version of four coins covered by four cards. The coins travel one at a time until they are all under one card. This is one of the most copied coin tricks in magical history. In this revised and expanded edition you not only get step by step detailed instruction from the originator, but also chapters on theory (which can be applied to other close-up tricks) and drills which will give you the most effective way to learn the routine. In this new book form, “Matrix” has been expanded to give you new methods of learning the basic moves in far greater detail than the original manuscript. Now you can execute the effect in the least possible time and in the best possible way. The routine is clean in handling and can be done at a moment’s notice. There are no fake cards, no duplicate or tricked coins. No extra gimmicks of any kind are necessary. This soft cover booklet has 14 pages of text and 36 photographic illustrations.