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Witchy Prediction Abbotts Predict A Total
Witchy PredictionAbbotts Predict A Total
This little Witch can brew up all sorts of potions in her cauldron. She sees the past, present and future and communicates with spirits. She can also do a trick: A spectator predicts which critter from the group around the bottom of the cauldron,...This is a one man test - no confederates. The spectators don't even have to come up on stage to assist. The numbers are two inches in height and quite visible. It appears you have the magic power.



Abbotts Spirit Slates Abbotts Spirit Slates Stage Size
Abbotts Spirit SlatesAbbotts Spirit Slates Stage Size
The answer to a question is found written on one or both of the inside surfaces of the two slates.These are special order and built here at Abbotts. Huge stage size spirit slates, visible in the larges of venues.



Absolutely Amazing Wallet Anneman's Mental Magic
Absolutely Amazing WalletAnneman's Mental Magic
Simple. Elegant. Amazing.Outstanding collection of nearly 200 crowd-pleasing mental magic feats



Argus Eye PRO Astor Mental
Argus Eye PROAstor Mental
You can easily tell which spectator's hand has a coin or medal just waving your hand over their fist.You can show the trick twice and the order of the cards won't be the same. The cards are not specially prepared.



Astor Mental Epic Astrological Sign
Astor Mental EpicAstrological Sign
Astor Epic (No force Mental Epic) actually is the newest improved version of the Mental Epic.Comes complete with full-color, spiral bound booklet, "crib sheets" and detailed instructions.



Auto Mental Clip-Board Bending Credit Card
Auto Mental Clip-BoardBending Credit Card
Copy Machine Imprints! Deception BEYOND Deception! Easy Load Feature!The perfect ice-breaker! After this, you'll have them eating out of your hand!



Between 2 Minds 3 DVD Set Boulevard 54
Between 2 Minds 3 DVD SetBoulevard 54
Between 2 Minds, is the newest and most creative source for today's mentalism.Up to now, the effect of breaking a glass required the use of a special table or of a device inserted in a tray, check out the demo



Cesaral ESP Calculator Cesaral Magic Presentations
Cesaral ESP CalculatorCesaral Magic Presentations
Many powerful effects can be performed with this calculator.With an innocent pen marker you will be able to fully CONTROL remotely all the power of your PC.



Cesaral Real Time Rocket Bottle Clairvoyance
Cesaral Real Time Rocket BottleClairvoyance
An audience member choose one bottle, and starts a countdown when he wants. The magician concentrates on the bottle. At the end, the cork suddenly pops off! The bottle and cork can then be carefully examined.You'll thrill at the marvelous principle to bring about outstanding magic!



Collector's Telepathic Tube with Black Box Color Telepathy
Collector's Telepathic Tube with Black BoxColor Telepathy
Is it real telepathy? The gimmick is so good, yet simple and easy, that it even fools magiciansComes complete with colored rectangle plates envelope with special plastic prediction card and stand. Use any brand playing cards.



Command Light Crystal Gazing by Martin Lewis
Command LightCrystal Gazing by Martin Lewis
The lighting of this torch is entirely under your control (by a secret transmitter in your pocket), and you can have it light from several feet away, even when held in a spectator?s hand.The apparatus is handcrafted to Martin?s strict specifications.



Crystal Switch Box - G. Bavli Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism
Crystal Switch Box - G. Bavli Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism
Create almost any mind reading effect with this box!Here is the greatest and most comprehensive book on this subject ever written! Check out the demo by Greg Bordner.



Entertaining ESP with Deck Equinox V.2
Entertaining ESP with DeckEquinox V.2
Included with the booklet is a deck of Royal Magic ESP cards, which allow you to perform a wide variety of stunning mental magic tricks.What is Equinox?

Well imagine Body Languagee or Max Maven's fantastic



ESP Deck - Royal Flash Back
ESP Deck - RoyalFlash Back
Also available as part of the Entertaining ESP set.Two books supplied.only one is used. Used by the professionals.



Free Will Ghost Rings
Free Will Ghost Rings
Diabolically Clever Effect! Insanely Easy to Do!Imagine being able to control objects with the power of your mind. Stop time, make small objects vanish or change with the wave of your hands.



Gravity Box by Jay Leslie Hypnotic Choice
Gravity Box by Jay LeslieHypnotic Choice
The spectator strains and sweats but is unable to budge the boxDespite a completely fair selection process, the magician never fails to determine which one of the cards the spectator has selected.



Inter-Net Bag Invisible Peek Wallet
Inter-Net BagInvisible Peek Wallet
You Can See Through the Bag At All TimesEasy and Deceptive.



Jumbo Mental Jackpot by Astor Light & Heavy Chest
Jumbo Mental Jackpot by AstorLight & Heavy Chest
No force involved! At the end everything can be examined. The routine is surprising and clear, performance is very simple, and does not require any sleight of hand.Furniture Quality Apparatus!



Mental Cubes (Jumbo Size) by Astor Mental Frisbee by Nathan Kranzo
Mental Cubes (Jumbo Size) by AstorMental Frisbee by Nathan Kranzo
Somebody from the audience is requested to move any number of cubes (between 0 and 5) from right end to left end of the "MENTAL" stand.How To Get Them Laughing Within Seconds And Hold The Audience In The Palm Of Your Hand



Mirage, The - Haim Goldenberg MM Wallet (Magician's Mentalism)
Mirage, The - Haim Goldenberg MM Wallet (Magician's Mentalism)
The gimmick is in the eraser, but no one notices it - not even the volunteer who erases the drawing!Preferred by professionals that do mind reading shows and close-up entertainment.



ParaNormal - Werry & Lesley Perfect Bend
ParaNormal - Werry & Lesley Perfect Bend
Suddenly the paper starts to rotate, very slowly at first, and then picks up momentum! On your command, the revolving stops and the paper starts to rotate in the opposite direction!This has to be the most incredible metal bending we've ever seen! And it looks just like it reads!



Practical Hypnotism Prediction Case and Table - Impossible
Practical HypnotismPrediction Case and Table - Impossible
A book of true hypnotism - no stooges - no confederates.All selections are made freely without the use of any forces



Psi Series Banachek Psychokinetic Time
Psi Series BanachekPsychokinetic Time
Here Banachek presents mentalism like a home-cooked meal . . . something for everyone and sure to beBanacheks Psychokinetic Time Trick Do you remember the stunning magic effect that Master Magic Man David Blaine used to open his "Street Magic" TV special?



Psychokinetic Touches Psychological Subtleties 3 by Banachek
Psychokinetic TouchesPsychological Subtleties 3 by Banachek
Both Psychokinetic-Time and Psychokinetic-Touches are impromptu effects, they can be performed anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances.This book is the culmination of a lifetime of research and development, through live performances from Banachek with contributions from an eclectic group of colleagues and professionals around the globe



Real Time by Andrew Gerard Red Carpet by Jason Palter
Real Time by Andrew GerardRed Carpet by Jason Palter
t the most inopportune time in the show, the spectator calls out, ?Now is the time!? The audience verifies the actual time, and when the watch is opened it is seen to be set to that exact time.The Red Carpet is entertaining mentalism with an ending that is so startling and funny, it is sure to bring the house down!



Suddenly, the spoon VISIBLY MELTS downwards on both sides.Ross Johnson's Simply Psychic is the finest introduction to mental magic on DVD.



Stealth Assassin Wallet V1.1 Telekinetic Timbers
Stealth Assassin Wallet V1.1Telekinetic Timbers
The DVDs include full routines, handling, timing tips, and bonus effects and ideas!A completely new method for the tipping block effect.



The Pro-folio by Andy Nyman The Thought that Counts
The Pro-folio by Andy NymanThe Thought that Counts
This incredible new device will take your mentalism act to a whole new level.How would you feel if someone could truly read your mind Excited? Vulnerable?



Thirteen Steps to Mentalism Thirteen Steps to Mentalism-6 DVD's
Thirteen Steps to MentalismThirteen Steps to Mentalism-6 DVD's
13 Steps to Mentalism has become the standard by which all other mentalism books have been judged.In this comprehensive DVD series, modern-day master Richard Osterlind performs dynamic effects from each step of Corinda's seminal work in front of a live audience.



Tri-Epic by Devin Knight Triple Impact
Tri-Epic by Devin KnightTriple Impact
If you are looking for a large visual stage mental effect, then look no further!Matt Ellison's Triple Impact will totally blow your spectators away with an impossible triple prediction that is so clean your spectators will question their own free will!



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