Milk Magic

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Concentrated Milk Concentrated Milk - Super Oom
Concentrated MilkConcentrated Milk - Super Oom
The one and only original OOM. It looks like milk. If you have the milk pitcher, Wonder Glass, or any of the dozens of liquid tricks, why make them cloudy and spoil their appearance by using real milk? Here's enough OOM to make you gallons of...Why carry & transport actual Milk for your Milk Pitcher or Appearance! A few drops of Super OOM in some water makes milk. (Well, not really milk) For use with Magic Milk Pitchers, etc. Supplied in a plastic bottle for safe transport



Milk in Lightbulb - Remote Adams Magic Milk Pitcher
Milk in Lightbulb - RemoteAdams Magic Milk Pitcher
The effect is simple. Turn the lamp on and then vanish milk, salt or a white silk. The moment the object vanishes the lamp goes out by itself.This effect can be performed close-up. It can also be done with a paper cone filled with confetti for comedy effect!



Crystal Cut Milk Pitcher Milk and Water Separation
Crystal Cut Milk PitcherMilk and Water Separation
The style of the pitcher is unique. The way the crystal is cut makes it virtually impossible to see the actual action!An old classic in a modern form and reasonable price.



Milk Pitcher Magic Milk Shake
Milk Pitcher MagicMilk Shake
More than one hundred routines, tips, suggestions, gags, presentations and new ideas for the Vanishing Milk Pitcher are includedA silk with picture of a glass of liquid is dropped into the tube, then removed to show a hole where the picture was. A real glass of liquid appears from the tube



Milk Through Head Abbotts Miracle Pitcher
Milk Through HeadAbbotts Miracle Pitcher
Comedy potential is endless with this routineYou will retire your old pitcher right away when you see what the Miracle Pitcher will do. You never need to fill it. You never need to clean it. There is no preparation. It is always ready to work. In a fraction of a second the pitcher becomes filled.



Abbotts Miracle Tumbler Visible Milk Penetration
Abbotts Miracle TumblerVisible Milk Penetration
Each tumbler is handmade and we guarantee it to be perfect in working and workmanship. Originated by and made exclusively at the Abbott plant. Use it in place of the ordinary milk pitcher. Check out the demo by Greg Bordner.Silk is removed, and the glass is filled with milk!



1 - 12 of 12 items