Multiplying Balls Tim Wright

Multiplying Balls Tim Wright
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Tim Wright who performs as Skilldini is well known as a skilled manipulator and is the recipient of our prestigious Neil Foster/Bill Baird Award for Manipulation. On this video he teaches one of the classic routines of stage magic -- The Multiplying Balls. If you've ever wanted to perform a Multiplying Ball routine or learn ball manipulations, this video will walk you through a solid routine with all the ins and outs of learning and performing it.

Techniques and concepts discussed:
The Skilldini Routine, Giant Ball Finale, Flash Four Ball Production, Ball Holders, The Ball Stand, Pipe Production, Palming, Fake Transfer, The Skilldini Ball Vanish, Handkercief Ball Vanishes, The Shell, Skilldini Revolve Display, The Roll Under, In And Out Move, Multiplcation and Body Loads, Ball Roll, Perpetual Balls, Music Selection and much more.