My Best

My Best
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This book was over a year and a half in preparation. It is cloth bound, has 386 pages and is illustrated with more than 350 line drawings. Some of magic's most outstanding minds have contributed to this work. They include: Annemann, Bernstein, Booth, Bobo, Bowyer, Braun, Braue, Christopher, Campbell, Clever, Crawford, Elliott, Ervin, Evans, Fetsch, Fitzkee, Gardner, Gibson, Hugard, Jacobs, Larsen, Lorraine, McAthy, Newman, Nelson, Osborne, Proskauer, Read, Rungie, Tarbell, Thompson, Walsh, Windsor, Wolff and Zens. Their secrets and those of many others can now be yours.

Within this book are described 113 stellar effects. There are nine chapters covering pocket tricks, tricks for the home and stage, tricks for the close-up worker - the night club worker - and the children's entertainer. There are mindreading effects, illusions, opening and closing effects, productions, vanishes, changes, levitations, releases and spirit tricks. No matter what type of magic you do, there are tricks in "My Best" for you. Tricks with balls, bills, cards, cigarettes, coins, eggs, liquids, matches, paper, pens, pencils, rings, ropes, silks, slates, thimbles and watches. Edited by J.G. Thompson, Jr.