New Design 45" Silks

New Design 45" Silks
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  • Item #: 20152-3-4
  • Manufacturer: Robbins
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Price $42.00
Three new style 45" silks to choose from

ELEPHANT Is it Barnum's Jumbo before he got big? At least he's happy! Here's a new original design, giving the feeling of child favorites such as Dumbo and Horton. Tell the audience you are going to pull an elephant, not a rabbit, out of your hat. Then produce this guy! "Okay, sorry, it's just a baby elephant! guess I'm a dumbo!

RABBIT Meet the new rabbit on the magic block! This new original rabbit it is designed to compliment any magic or clown act. He's got pizzazz and personality! Just look at him waving that magic wand and the hand posed for applause. That's the applause you will get when you make this professional magic rabbit silk appear in your show!

PEACOCK Bursting with color! Use this new design 45" peacock as a production silk, blendo silk, or background silk. Do you get the feeling a TV show is about to begin? Wow, that's no turkey! But it is nearly four feet square!