Outs, Precautions and Challenges

Outs, Precautions and Challenges
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This classic treatise of magic is essential to the ambitious cards man who wants to know how to deal with the inevitable: when a mistake happens when handling the cards-when a wise guy audience member misunderstands what is expected from him-or when a spectator deliberately challenges you and your mastery of the cards. "Outs, Precautions and Challenges" teaches you methods for coping for the situation when an effect goes wild. By applying these techniques you will no longer be afraid to be daring. And you will always be assured of successfully concluding any effect-no matter what happens!

There are no special requirements necessary to learn the methods presented in this book. No super skill or special intelligence. Nothing more is required than the average ability to concentrate and catch the breaks as they come. Thousands have read this book-the original edition became the card man's guide for dealing with accidental errors and for managing the supposed difficulties thrown up by challengers. Today, it is still the number one book in this field. No other work gathers between its covers all the sleights, artifices and vital psychological principles necessary for the specific purpose of getting card workers out of difficulties. This second edition is an exact reproduction of the original 1940 work. Nothing has been omitted. There are ten chapters covering the psychology of failure, secret and open "outs," information getting techniques, attitudes, handy sleights, memory lapses, alternate effects, control, artifices, specific handlings and much more. A well written book of 79 pages full of the information you need to build a never-miss reputation. Don't you think you should have a copy? A book by Charles H. Hopkins.