Peter Loughran's Micro Devil's Reflection

Peter Loughran's  Micro Devil's Reflection
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  • Item #: MOImicdev
  • Manufacturer: Master of Illusions
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Price $800.00
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EFFECT: The performer introduces a beautiful mirror frame and a solid mirror. The mirror is handed out for inspection. The solid mirror is now inserted into the mirror frame. A silk is introduced and amazingly the silk begins to melt right through the mirror as the entire illusion is spun around 360 degrees. The silk is moved around the mirror seemingly healing its path as it travels. Finally the silk is pulled completely through the front of the mirror.

Now a white drop cloth is placed in front of the mirror with a back light switched on, it is impossible to move the mirror inside the frame in ANY DIRECTION without detection and light shining through. Yet the performer thrusts his entire hand and arm right through the solid mirror. The white drop cloth is instantly pulled away showing the mirror still in place and completely solid. The mirror is removed and may be examined again!

ABOUT THE MICRO DEVIL'S REFLECTION: The Micro Devil's Reflection is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and is built for not only performers but also collectors of fine magic. This illusion is hand crafted out of wood with all custom made hardware, gimmickry and features custom aluminum trim finishing the base. Even the ' L ' brackets are custom made out of polished aluminum, and no details have been over looked. The mirror is made of Acrylite-Plus Plexiglas, the strongest and most scratch resistant Plexiglas in the world. The entire illusion has been built to swivel 360 degrees on point, and is a dream in operation. The illusion requires virtually no mechanical skill whatsoever and can be learned in minutes, leaving all of your time for rehearsal or for simply admiring the craftsmanship and the quality of the prop. In addition each one is numbered and plated for authenticity.


- The illusion can be done dramatically slow or lightning fast

- Other objects may be passed through the mirror

- The illusion can be rotated 360 degrees on point

- The illusion packs flat for traveling and sets up in only 2 minutes

- The illusion is high quality, hand crafted, durable and light weight

- Virtually no mechanical skill required

- The mirror is examinable before and after the illusion

- Glimpses of the mirror, showing it still in place below, can be seen as your hand is completely through the solid mirror.


The entire illusion packs flat for traveling and only requires 2 nuts and bolts to put it all together, allowing you to set it up in less than 2 minutes. It comes with a mini back light, custom white drop cloth, silk, base, Plexiglas mirror, mirror frame, and instructions,and don't forget each one is numbered and plated for authenticity.