Phantasmo - Electronic Download

Phantasmo - Electronic Download
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  • Item #: abbidphantasmo
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $4.00
A beautiful, chrome trimmed, 12-inch chest is displayed on top of an attractive skelton chrome stand. The top of the chest has an electrical panel board. A girl’s head is locked in this small chest. The power is turned on and the electrical equipment on top of the panel buzzes and flashes on and off making a most impressive sight. The top, back and front of the chest are now opened and the girl’s head is completely missing. The performer places his hand to the rear, passes object to the rear, etc., so all can see that they are viewing clear through the cabinet. If there happens to be a back drop or curtain on stage, this is pulled aside so all may see the bare wall at the rear. This is one of of the most baffling effects ever witnessed in magic.