Pig that Turns Around

Pig that Turns Around
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  • Item #: ABBpigturn
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $65.00

Abbott's Pig That Turns 'Round (Pig Slate) $65 - What was old, is NEW again! Yes, we are once again making the classic comedy Pig Slate here at Abbott's. Direct from the Abbott Magic Mfg. workshop, we bring you the "Pig That Turns 'Round." Tell your audience that you will draw a picture of a pig on an old school slate. When they see that you have drawn a "square" pig, with straight lines, they tell you that pigs aren't square. So you tell your audience that you can make the pig turn "round." And as you make that claim, the pig's head magically turns 'round (around), until it is now looking backward. A great comedy routine for kids and adults alike. New again, from Abbott's!