Premonition Outdone by Stan Lobenstern

Premonition Outdone by Stan Lobenstern
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  • Item #: ABBpremonitioutdn
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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A two deck miracle! A spectator chooses either a red or a blue backed deck. From the chosen deck one card is freely selected. This card is placed aside in full view. The other deck is counted, one card at a time, face upwards. There are only fifty-one cards and the only missing card matches the first selection! This, in itself, would be satisfying conclusion to miraculous coincidence - but there is more. Even though the spectator has just counted fifty-one cards, the magician states that the deck is complete. The only way that statement could be true would be if the selected card from the blue deck (for instance) had a back that matched the red backed deck. The selection is turned over and it does have a red back! The only red backed card from a blue backed deck!

This is a mechanical and self-working trick. It works every time and the selected card can be different each time. No rough and smooth principle. No wax. No sleights. No codes, threads, wires, mirrors or stage traps! Best of all - no forcing! Premonition Outdone by Stan Lobenstern is done openly - the spectator handles the cards. Comes complete with cards, routine and suggested patter. Perform Premonition Outdone and throw your audiences for a loop!