Professional Entertainers Booking and Selling Manual

Professional Entertainers Booking and Selling Manual
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Years in its preparation! A lifetime’s collection of practical advice! Announcing, THE PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINERS BOOKING AND SELLING MANUAL by Roberta and Ken Griffin. Enclosed in this book are the guarded secrets used by this professional duo for their entire careers! The emphasis, as the title would imply, is on BOOKING and SELLING.

In the Booking section (nearly 100 pages) learn about: Mail outs, Contracts (four styles illustrated with actual examples), Membership sales, Letters of confirmation, Tips For Success (don’t miss the section) and, for the first time anywhere, a complete explanation of The Phone Room. Learn how to book your attraction through phone promotions. Learn how to keep records. How to establish a phoning list. Learn how to phone private homes and public businesses (there is a difference!). Learn how to hire phone personnel ... how to hire collectors ... what to pay ... how to settle up the money ... how to keep everyone honest, etc. Nearly one hundred pages of time-proven techniques and methods designed to put your show in an auditorium and people in the auditorium seats! Remember ... this material has never before appeared in print .. anywhere ... anytime!

Section Two deals with Selling. Learn about the advertising program, Clip art, Letters of recommendation, Pitches & Concessions, Buying or leasing your vehicle, School assemblies, Theme parks, Cruise ships, Booking retirement centers, nursing homes and preschools, Children’s parties, Restaurants, Spook houses and spook shows, Shopping malls, Lectures, Transporting livestock, Door prizes, Mail order advertising, Military bases and much, much more. Over one hundred pages of sound, practical advice.

Remember ... each technique is illustrated with actual examples. Actual contracts, mailers, giveaways, advertisements, business forms, agreements, tip sheets-plus photographs and line drawings. The Griffins spent a lifetime in the magic business. They raised a family and made a living by performing magic. Now, their secrets can be yours! This is a 203 page book. 8 1/2" x 11" format. Plastic spiral wire bound. Written by Roberta and Ken Griffin with a Forward by Bev Bergeron. Two color printed cover with protective clear acetate binder sheets. There will never be another book like this - so jammed full of usable and practical advice. Advice that will work - because it has worked for years and years! The Abbott Magic Company is proud to print and publish THE PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINERS BOOKING AND SELLING MANUAL. $35.00