Ring Rhapsody

Ring Rhapsody
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  • Item #: P9835
  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $72.00
A sparkling new effect by one of Magic's greatest originators.

The Magician shows his hands empty .... then lifts up and freely displays a purple 6 inch plastic ring .... nothing else. Ring is taken between hands and a catching motion is mode. Instantly a band of bright green ribbon appears threaded onto the ring.

Mysteriously, and as though from nowhere a 6 inch white ring appears at the other end of the ribbon, then, quick as a flick a bright yellow one appears between the two rings!

A nice trick .... and an unusual one .... but the applause-pulling climax is yet to come when.... suddenly .... TWO WHOLE CHAINS OF RED AND WHITE RINGS APPEAR, threaded on the ribbon!

The rings are made of plastic, specially produced for this effect. Comes complete with detailed instructions.