Rod Tie

Rod Tie
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  • Item #: ABBrodtie
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $85.00
Here is a form of restraint that seems impossible to overcome. Lengths of rope are permanently fastened to a metal rod. This is given for examination before and after the performance. You can challenge anyone else to escape from it. The magician is tied in with each hand securely fastened at opposite ends of the 36" rod and ropes in the center of the rod are secured around the performers neck. All knots are genuine and are tied tightly (although slack is left at the neck!).

In less than a minute the performer is free and all ropes and knots are exactly as they were originally tied. The escape can be done behind a cloth held up by the committee or by walking behind an ordinary (and examined) screen. Abbotts Rod Tie is an amazing exhibition and will add to your reputation. Five minutes to master! It can't go wrong! There is not preparation! Always ready to work!