Run Rabbit Run - Professional

Run Rabbit Run - Professional
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  • Item #: ABBrunrbtrun
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $150.00
The performer holds a section of brick wall with a rabbit hutch at each end. He removes a cut-out rabbit figure from a hat and places it in the hutch at the right. The children are asked to keep an eye on the rabbit and to let the performer know if the rabbit runs over to the hutch on the left. Then the fun an uproarious laughter begins for, sure enough, the children see the long ears of the rabbit as he moves to the opposite hutch behind the wall.

The children scream and point and shout and the rabbit scoots back to the hutch on the right. Then suddenly he is seen at the left again - then back behind the wall - then he peeks out from a crazy angle from the left hutch. For the final climax, the rabbit vanishes from the wall and the hutches and is found back in the hat. Well made, from wood, approximately 15" x 6". Complete, including routine and patter.