Sacrificial Cremation Illusion

Sacrificial Cremation Illusion
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $2,000.00
Shipping FOB Only Here is an illusion that will long be remembered by any audience. You may use your own assistant or a member of the audience. The subject kneels on a prayer mat with his head resting on the sacrificial altar which is approximately 32" in height. Two single wall metal tubes are freely displayed and examined, if you desire. They are open at each end. One tube has an opening cut into its side. This tube is placed over the victim's head. Then the second tube is placed over. A lighted torch is thrust into the tubes ... a fire is started ... real flames and smoke gush from the top of the tubes. The inner tube is removed ... the head is no more ... in its place is a grinning skull! In a flash the living head is restored. Imagine the publicity potential of this effect ... can be done successfully on small stages or in clubs as well as on a large stage. Complete with break-down altar, metal tubes, prayer mat, torch, and instructions.