Shadow Card

Shadow Card
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A deck of cards is wrapped with a rubber band (to eliminate any possible sleight-of-hand). Three spectators peek at the top card and remember its identity. The band is removed and a fourth spectator is handed the top card. The three spectators name their cards. Each names a different card!

The fourth spectator shows that the card he is holding is a joker and not the cards named! You explain that just like Lamont Cranston of Shadow fame, you have learned "the mysterious power to cloud mens minds." Although the spectators actually saw the joker, you forced another image into their mind. By way of demonstration the deck is split in half, one packet goes to a fellow, the other to a lady. The fellow glimpses a card in his half and removes it. He is asked to concentrate intently on his chosen card. The lady also glimpses a card in her half, but when she goes to remove it it's not there. It never was!

The card that the lady thought she saw is none other than the card being held by the fellow! Did she see another card altogether? Did the fellows intense thought cloud her mind? Only the Shadow knows! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.... Comes with two gaffed blue-back Bicycle cards and illustrated instructions. Use your own deck.