Sign Off

Sign Off
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  • Item #: GSsigoff
  • Manufacturer: George Schindler
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Price $40.00
The Magician has a card selected, signed and shuffled back into the deck. A jumbo card is laying face down on the table. The Magician asks the spectator if they would be amazed if their selected card is on the other side of the jumbo card. When he turns the jumbo card over there are twenty-four mini cards printed on the face. On closer inspection, the spectator is amazed to see one of the cards is their selected card and it has a signature on it. "Look I can even pull the signed card off." The Magician says as he begins to pull the card off we see it visibly change into their original signed card. When the Magician reveals the face of the jumbo card the spectator sees a blank space where their card used to be. THIS TRICK WILL BLOW YOUR AUDIENCE AWAY! Includes: The Jumbo Prediction Card, 2 Gimmicks, Plus a Free 40-minute Tony Clark DVD!