Snake Basket R/ C

Snake Basket R/ C
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  • Item #: p1368
  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $700.00
A helper selects a card and then the card is returned to the deck & deck placed inside the basket. The magician tells the helper that he has the only card finding Jumping Snake in the world. You tell the helper that they need to move a little closer to the basket so the snake can smell them. As they get closer to the basket, the snake SHOOTS into the air startling the helper & finding the card which stuck to the mouth of the snake!

Release Mechanism Fully Re-designed and Engineered to Eliminate Misfires & Accidental Releases

Magician has Complete Control of when Release Occurs, as **this snake is controlled by a remote and can be shot out of the basket with the magician across the room and not in arms reach. So the audience can not suspect you of releasing the snake at all.**

-Can be set up and ready to use in less than 2 minutes
-Can be used to Locate Playing Cards, Business Cards or Sea PassCards if Working a Cruise Ship.