Sonic Cleaning Chamber

Sonic Cleaning Chamber
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  • Item #: ABBsonicclean
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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By combining the concepts of The Sun and Moon Handkerchief trick with The Chinese Washing Machine, Hank Moorehouse has developed a modern, up-to-date routine which can be used for both children and adult audiences. "THE SONIC CLEANING CHAMBER" ... combines action, color, flash, noise and excitement. A perfect audience participation trick.

The performer shows "THE SONIC CLEANING CHAMBER" and a dirty and soiled man's pocket handkerchief. The hank is placed inside the chamber and a member of the audience turns the crank on the top of the chamber. A raucous and ratchety noise is produced. The performer explains that the noise is what does the cleaning. When the hank is removed ... it is clean ... bit it now has a gigantic hole in its center! Back into the chamber it goes. This time when the handkerchief is removed it has shrunk to miniature size! The performer places the small hank back into the chamber and the crank is turned once more. But something has gone wrong once again. The hank is back to full size ... but now it has changed to a bright red bandana! The bandana is placed back inside "THE SONIC CLEANING CHAMBER" and after a series of noise-producing turns on the crank handle the pocket handkerchief is removed bright and white!

"THE SONIC CLEANING CHAMBER" is constructed from selected hardwoods and quality metal hardware. The ratchet noise-maker is designed to last. The interior of the chamber may be shown empty at any time during the routine. The lid of the chamber is hinged to the box, thus eliminating clasps and fasteners. The chamber is lacquered in white and gold with black accents. "SONIC CLEANING CHAMBER" comes complete with all necessary handkerchiefs, plus routine and patter.