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  • Item #: ABBspotted
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $40.00

Another Abbott Magic classic is brand new and back in stock! A white and black card (10" x 10") with four large black spots is shown. The performer comments that maybe the audience is seeing "spots before their eyes". The card is waved in the air and two of the spots disappear. This is repeated and the spots return. This sequence is performed again until the audience is sure that the performer is only turning the card around, etc. So, the performer slowly turns the card around and that side is completely blank! No spots at all! When the card is once more turned slowly around there are still four spots - but now they are each a different color - Red, Green, Blue and Orange! Perhaps the audience is "seeing things" and so that they can test their eyes the card suddenly opens out to twice its original size revealing an Eye Chart, with diminishing black letters on a white background! A visual climax! A Henry Durkin creation.