Strange Secrets 3 Volume Set

Strange Secrets 3 Volume Set
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The complete set of Strange Secrets contains Volume 1, Volume 2 and the Addendum Volume One contains the complete text and illustrations from the following Abbott publications:

  • "Thrilling Magic" by Leonard H. Miller;
  • "Super Sensitive Fingertips" by Howard P. Albright;
  • "Map Mirako Act" by Vin Carey;
  • "Mindreading for Two People" by Sydney de Hempsey;
  • "Super Memory Plus" by Gerald Kosky;
  • "Forbidden Wisdom" by Howard P. Albright;
  • "Thought Wings Onward--Part One" by Eddie Clever.

  • Volume Two contains the complete text and illustrations from:

  • "Needle Routine" by M.S. "Doc" Mahdendra;
  • "Super Psychic Mental Effects" by Howard Albright;
  • "Sand Painting" by Howard "Mel Melson;
  • "Simplified Memory Act" by Samuel Shapiro;
  • "Dwarf Act" by Richard Merry;
  • "X-Jargon by Wallace Lee;
  • "Thought Wings Onward--Part Two" by Eddie Clever.

    Strange Secrets Addendum is a valuable booklet of 54 pages, containing additional material to support and update the information contained in the two volumes of "Strange Secrets". Contents include:

  • "Character Reading" by R.S. Glover;
  • "Astrologia" by Howard P. Albright. A
  • "sealed message" psychic routine completely detailed and incorporating the Automatic Prompter--an invaluable aid in delivering a convincing and unusual psychic reading.
  • Techniques and presentations that appear nowhere else.