Sugar Short

Sugar Short
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  • Item #: ABBsugshort
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $40.00
By request, Abbotts is again making Sid Lorraine's "Sugar Short" in a new and more modern design. This sure-fire laugh getter can be used in conjunction with such tricks as Pudding in the Hat, Cake in the Hat, the Dove Pan, etc., or used by itself as a comedy magic item or as an M.C. bit. The sugar shaker is new and modern in design. The cap is stainless steel. The trick is self-working. Sid Lorraine's patter is funny and fits the action perfectly and the finish is a sure laugh. You can use either sugar or salt.

The magician explains that his wife wanted him to get a cup or so of sugar to complete a baking job. He drops into a restaurant and picks up the sugar dispenser. Opening a paper bag, he proceeds to shake the sugar into it. (Suiting actions to words, the audience sees the performer shaking the contents of the shaker into a paper bag and sees the sugar level diminish in the shaker.) The restaurant manager comes over and tells the magician that he doesn't appreciate what the performer is doing. The magician replies, "Well, if you don't like it - you can lump it!" He turns the paper bag over and out drops lumps of sugar! The loose sugar has vanished!