TENYO 2022: Flash Cube

TENYO 2022: Flash Cube
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  • Item #: TMFLASHCUBE_2022
  • Manufacturer: Murphys
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Price $20.00

TENYO 2022: Flash Cube $20 — A remarkable close-up magic illusion in which random puzzle blocks instantly transform into numerous animal images. You can even have them change into an animal selected by your spectator. "Flash Cube" starts by introducing a box and various mixed image cubes. When placed in the box, the cubes clearly have nowhere to move. Yet, once the lid is placed on and removed, the cubes are now arranged in a complete image of an animal. The image can then change to another animal. You can even use it as a prediction. The best part? Everything is examinable. "Flash Cube" is a super fun effect that has completely fooled countless magicians and entertains audiences of all ages. Comes with: 4x cubes, 6x animal cards, 1x sticker set, 1x box, instruction sheet.