TENYO 2022: Magical Photography

TENYO 2022: Magical Photography
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  • Item #: TMFUTUREPHOTO_2022
  • Manufacturer: Murphys
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Price $25.00

TENYO 2022: Magical Photography $25 — See through solid objects and peek into the future. Brought to you as part of the Tenyo Magic 2022 close up magic line of innovative magic tricks, "Magical Photography" allows you to take impossible photos of unseen objects and famous landmarks using a borrowed smartphone. This is a joint release with Higar, a professional magician known for his insanely creative ideas. It incorporates his "Rainbow Film" principle, a magic invention that has received acclaim from magicians around the world. Everything done with "Magical Photograph" is completely self-contained. No extra magic apps required. You'll learn two complete routines (one using popular cities and another using playing cards).

Routine 1: A spectator holds an undeveloped sheet of Polaroid-style instant film. Using their smartphone (or another borrowed smartphone), you then take a flash photo. The spectator then selects a famous city which is impossibly shown to have been predicted all along in the photo they held. They won't believe their eyes when they go back to the photo on their phone and see an image from the city has appeared.

Routine 2: A playing card is selected and lost in the deck of cards before everything is placed back in the card box. An undeveloped sheet of instant film is then laid on the tuck case and photographed with a borrowed smartphone. The spectator then looks at the photo on their phone to see that you have apparently been able to gain x-ray vision and see right through the case. Their selected card has now magically appeared in the photo.