TENYO 2022: Wild Shock

TENYO 2022: Wild Shock
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  • Item #: TMWILDSHOCK_2022
  • Manufacturer: Murphys
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Price $17.00

TENYO 2022: Wild Shock $17 — A delightfully baffling new take on the classic "Wild Card" card trick that's easier than ever to perform. "Wild Shock" is offered as part of the Tenyo Magic 2022 line of magic tricks. Your spectator selects a playing card from the deck. This selection is then rubbed one-by-one against six different Jokers. Each one impossibly transforms into the selection until all of them are identical copies of the originally selected card. Included manual provides detailed instructions for both basic and advanced handlings. You'll also learn an alternate routine where the selected card is "printed" on six blank playing cards.