THE CASH 2022 by Tenyo Magic

THE CASH 2022 by Tenyo Magic
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  • Item #: TMBLINKBANK_2022
  • Manufacturer: Murphys
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Price $18.00
Sale Price $15.00

The Cash (Tenyo Magic) $18 — "The Cash" allows you to easily make money instantly appear. An empty envelope with a window cutout is shown. With a snap of your fingers, this envelope is immediately filled with real cash. Offered as part of the Tenyo Magic 2022 line, and building on an idea from Tran Dang Ninh, this is the cash envelope you've been waiting for. It's easier to prepare and perform than ever before. As the envelope is also built with a super durable resin-based material, you can carry it with you anywhere without any fear of it being ruined. Pop it in a bag or pocket and you'll always be ready to perform a miracle.

The cash envelope of your dreams!

With this amazing envelope, making money instantly appear will be a snap! Based on a principle created by Tran Dang Ninh, Tenyo has further developed this prop so it's easy to prepare, and even easier to perform. The envelope is built with a durable resin-based material. Pop it into your pocket or bag and you will be ready to amaze people at any time.

1. Display an empty envelope with a window cut-out.
2. Snap your fingers, and the envelope instantly becomes filled with cash!
3. The five bills are, of course, real money.