Talk (Professional Prose and Polished Patter)

Talk (Professional Prose and Polished Patter)
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $12.50
This book is A Panorama of Professional Prose Palaver and Polished Poetical Patter! Whew! It is also a collection of six previous TALK Abbott publications:

"Practical Patter" by Percy Abbot;
"Patter Punches" by Sol Stone;
"Routines In Rhyme" by Bill West;
"Merrier Magical Chatter" by Don Rogers;
"202 Ways To Stop Hecklers" by Otis Manning;
"Punch And Judy" by Sydney de Hempsey.

Within its seventy-nine (8 1/2" x 11") pages are hundreds of routines and ideas for the talking trixter and magic/ comedian. Purchased separately these six volumes would cost more than twenty-five dollars! Now, this soft cover, printed edition can be yours for a very economical price...thus proving that, once again, "Talk" is cheap!