Tenyo Note-A-Bill

Tenyo Note-A-Bill
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  • Item #: T21372
  • Manufacturer: Robbins
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Price $22.00

Your drawing turns into real currency! Like a dream come true, you can now pluck a drawing of a banknote off the page, visually transforming it into genuine money!


You will be able to perform this eye-popping trick at a moment’s notice, since it uses everyday objects that you can carry with you on a daily basis. The gimmick is reusable so you can repeat for future performances.


1. Draw a picture of a banknote on the pad.

2. Rub the drawing with your fingers, and…

3. The drawing miraculously transforms into a real bill! The drawing simultaneously vanishes from the pad. Open up the banknote to display that it is genuine money!


Currency from any country may be used!