The Magic Graveyard 2019 Revised Edition

The Magic Graveyard 2019 Revised Edition
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A perfect gift for yourself or the magician in your life. Whether in your library, den, magic room or living room, this book is a wonderful coffee table book with more than 270 photos and illustrations. It takes you on a tour of a magic graveyard. If you think this is just a collection of obituaries, you’re dead wrong. It’s also a resource of the lives of the magicians included in the book. If you like history, funny stories, biographies, Americana or if you love magic, this book is for you. Buy one for a friend today, and get yourself one, too.

Why would magicians, whose careers spanned the globe, want to be laid to rest in a tiny cemetery in a small farming town in southwest Michigan?

A clown, a pickpocket and an automotive magazine editor show up in a cemetery…They were dying to get there! (add rim shot)

The Magic Graveyard reveals the stories and buried secrets of the entertainers who have chosen this resting place to perform their final vanishing act.

Magician, historian, Al The Only shows you the bare bones to a self-guided tour of Lakeside Cemetery. It has the most magicians interred in one place anywhere in the world. Read the stories buried in these pages of their colorful careers. From the year 1942 to the present, experience the histories engraved in stone. This book has lots of plots portraying their illustrious lives.

These people have something in common! A Vaudevillian, a Playbill Poster Posterer, a Metal Worker, a Magician, a Steel Worker, a Blind Man, a Juggler, a Sales Rep, a Farm Boy, an Orchestra Leader (Big Band Leader), a Banjo Player, a Factory Owner, a Milkman, a Photographer, an Automotive Magazine Editor, a Collector, a Lobbyist, a Stay at Home Dad, a Newsman, a Clown, Military Veterans (of World War I, World War II, and Vietnam), a TV Personality, a Pickpocket, a Las Vegas Headliner, a Barber Beauty Supply Salesman, a Minister, an Eagle Scout, a Circus Performer, a Bolt Manufacturer, a Bar Owner, a Magic Shop Owner, a Recluse, a Mountain Climber, a Drummer and an Advertising Executive ALL did magic as a hobby, a sideline or as a profession; and their stories can be found in the pages of The Magic Graveyard.

Their stories come to life; each chapter is a brief biography; read about Skippy LaMore, Ted Banks (Edward Coppin), Jesse Thornton, Harry Blackstone, Sr., Peter Bouton, Jack Gwynne, Duke Stern, Fred Merrill, Bill Baird, Recil Bordner, Monk Watson, Inez Blackstone Kitchen, Glenn Babbs, Vince Fabek, Little Johnny Jones, Bob Lund, Harry Blackstone, Jr., Karrell Fox, Don Alan, Ricki Dunn, Jack Rench, Marx Straw, Terry Nosek, John Booth, Jack Barrows, Roy Huston, Jerry Conklin, Hank Moorehouse, David Bendix, Phil Willmarth, Tom Mullica, Charles Windley, David Linsell, David Odette, Bill Watson, Denny Haney and Johnny Thompson. There’s even a chapter on where Percy Abbott may be buried.

Learn why stones and coins are left on gravestones. Discover the history of Lakeside Cemetery and why people make a yearly pilgrimage to there.

Included are poems by Karrell Fox “The Heavenly Magic Show” and Jack Barrows’ “If You Believe.”

The 2019 Revised Edition of The Magic Graveyard is now available. This 432-page, soft cover, coffee-table book with more than 270 photos and illustrations, tells the stories of over 30 fascinating magicians. Stories, anecdotes, historical facts and lighthearted commentary make The Magic Graveyard a fun, informative and interesting read.

Authored by Al The Only
Edited by Lori Ulman, Steve Zieman and John Sherwood
Foreword by Gay Blackstone
Epilogue by Tom Mullica
Featured articles by Johnny Thompson, Norm Nielsen and Gabe Fajuri
Cover art by graphic artist Colton Ames and magicians Chris Blackmore and John Shyrock

Welcome to The Magic Graveyard.