The Mis-Made Dollar Bill (John Lovick)

The Mis-Made Dollar Bill (John Lovick)
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  • Item #: mismadedollar
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $20.00
The Mis-Made Dollar Bill (John Lovick) $20 — Imagine borrowing a one-dollar bill and with just a few simple folds transforming it into an impossible condition—a Mis-Made Dollar Bill—with the corners in the center and the center in the corners. The spectators may thoroughly examine the bill—frozen in this impossible state—as there is no glue, tape, or other adhesive. This strange Mis-Made Dollar Bill is genuine, 100% US Currency. This is the original, genuine, and only authorized James Lewis version of the Mis-Made Dollar Bill.

Includes: one expertly manufactured Mis-Made Dollar Bill, made using the careful guidelines of James Lewis to ensure the highest quality product; thorough instructions with 39 step-by-step illustrations; an easy and effective handling of the bill switch; extra tips and ideas; a brief history of The Mis-Made Dollar Bill.