Thru and Thru

Thru and Thru
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  • Item #: ABBthruthru
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $6.00
A square fiberboard tube (7" x 3 1/4"), attractively decorated in yellow and black, is passed for inspection. There are holes in the centers of all four sides of the tube. These holes are large enough to pass a wand through. A balloon is inflated, and then inserted into the tube. All may again be examined, even at this point. Impossible as it may seem, the magician now pushes a wand through the tube without breaking the balloon! A second wand may be passed through the other two sides, thus making an "X" through the tube and balloon. And - two silks of different colors may be pushed through both sides! This is, without a doubt, the cleanest balloon penetration ever devised. Everything may be examined. This will even fool magicians! Complete with tube, balloons and routine (no wands or silks included). A Ken Allen idea.