Twin Dove in Balloon

Twin Dove in Balloon
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  • Item #: ABB2doveinbal
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $115.00
This trick has flash, surprise and mystery - and you can work it surrounded! An artistically decorated upright open frame is displayed. A balloon is inflated and placed in the open framework. The balloon bursts and two live doves appear! This is visible magic! No paper covered frames are used! Entirely self-contained. Frame may be set on any undraped table (or held by the magician’s assistant). However, no assistant is necessary as this is a “one-man” feature effect. It is decorated in blue and gold with a hard lacquer finish. Perfect to follow Abbott’s “Dove in Balloon”, in which a balloon bursts and only one dove appears. The performer simply inflates another balloon, places it into the frame - Bang! - two more doves appear! Idea by Plessinger.