Uncanny Slate Mystery

Uncanny Slate Mystery
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  • Item #: ABBuncslt
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $100.00
The performer shows a slate, on which are drawn four horizontal chalk lines.

If you need a mentalism effect that plays to several people at the same time, yet is foolproof and so easy to do that all you need worry about is the presentation, then read the ad below.

We are pleased to present this masterpiece, which enables the performer to write a prediction, place it in a sealed envelope, and hand it to a spectator at the beginning of the trick. He then has four sets of numbers told to him by the audience (which he writes down in front of them) and has a fifth spectator add up the total. When this figure is read, he asks the spectator holding the prediction to read it, and it is found to be the same figure as the total on the slate

Brilliant gimmick does all the work for you, no stooges, no other tools except the chalk and special slate which does the work for you.