Vampire Block

Vampire Block
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  • Item #: ABBvampbk
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $95.00
A feature trick - made in full stage size with improvements for easier handling. A special patter story accompanies this effect which explains about vampires in general and one in particular. The block is dropped into the tube and is visible through the open front. A solid, wooden rod is passed through the tube and the block, thus holding the block securely. The tube is now inverted and, in accordance with the patter story, the audience sees the block pass visibly out of the tube, through the solid rod. This is a startling climax to a most entertaining feat of magic. The block is lacquered in bright red. The tube is yellow, with red and black highlights, covered with an eerie bat design. The rod is painted silver (a silver spike for the vampire!).

Note: This effect is easily redecorated by the magician during the Christmas season so that the block represents Santa Claus and the tube represents a chimney he got stuck in. The magician comes to his rescue and Christmas is saved for all the boys and girls.