Ventriloquism of Today

Ventriloquism of Today
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Here we have just the book to satisfy the widespread demand for all kinds of ventriloquial “know how”. This is the first book in years on the subject and the most practical as well as the most clearly explained treatise in this area. For the first time is revealed Paul Stadleman’s humming, droning and buzzing - being able to sustain the sound for a minute or more with no variation in tone! Most of the first edition of this book was sold before publication to those who had seen Paul demonstrate some of the effects in his stage presentations!

It contains an abundance and a variety of entertainment material. Once you have picked up this book you won’t put it down until you’ve digested every fascinating word. This book opens up a whole new field of ventriloquism, the type that appeals to lay audiences. Refreshingly different. To please modern audiences you need the ideas from Stadleman’s experience. His continual appearances before audiences made him an expert in his field. Put ventriloquism into your present act and watch this novelty increase your bookings and reputation.

The chapter on Impromptu Ventriloquism alone is worth many times the price of the book to those who do not own a ventriloquial figure. The average magician, amateur or professional, is never at a lost to entertain at social gatherings of friends or neighbors. Paul’s routine with an imaginary cat is hilarious! His conversation with “George” over the telephone is a gem! If someone is talking too loudly you can caution them not to wake the baby and what follows with a pillow-wrapped “baby” is terrific. Paul’s favorite was pouring the “buzz” from one glass into another! If you want laughs, try this one. Get someone to sit on your knee and throw your voice as he moves his mouth as you ... ah, but the secret of this and many, many more entertaining ideas are all yours in this handsome volume.