Visible Candle Thru Balloon

Visible Candle Thru Balloon
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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The magician shows a fancy decorated tube to the audience. He demonstrates how a candle can be passed from one side of the tube to the other, through holes in the side of the tube. Next, a silk can be pushed through the tube from side to side and can even be removed by reaching into the tube from the top or bottom, thus proving the tube to be empty. The magician now places a balloon into the tube and inflates it fully. The balloon completely fills the tube and bulges out from each end.

The candle is now lit and is passed right through the balloon. The kicker is that the tube may be tilted so that the audience can actually see the candle burn its way through the balloon. They see the candle flame inside the balloon - yet the balloon remains fully inflated. After the candle has been removed from the tube, the silk handkerchief is once again pushed through the tube (and the balloon) and pulled back and forth. The balloon can be untied and deflated and removed from the tube or the magician can state, "What you just saw was an illusion. It is impossible for a lit candle to pass through an inflated balloon!" The performer touches the flame of the candle to the balloon and it bursts! The silk handkerchief is still in place and can be withdrawn from either the sides, the top or the bottom! The trick could be the hit of your show. It has improvements which throw off anyone who thinks they know how it is done! Complete with candle, tube and instructions. Use your own silk handkerchief. Created by Mike Moorhead.