Wedding Bell, Brass w/ Ring Box

Wedding Bell, Brass w/ Ring Box
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  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Fantastic Close-Up Gem, First borrow a wedding ring from a spectator. Now show a georgeous wooden Ring Box, place the borrowed ring inside this box (lock it in if you like). Very fairly close the Lid & put the Box in the spectators hand. Now you fairly present a brass Bell with wooden handle. Ask the spectator to shake it & RING the Bell, its sounds great ding.....ding!!!

Begin the story in some parts of the world, Priest rings the Bell during the marriage ceremony. And on the third ring (or ding) the groom opens the box & gives his bride the ring. Ask the spectator to ring the Bell three times. And during the third ring (ding) they open the box, the Wedding Ring has VANISHED!! Have them look inside the Wedding Bell. There is no clapper, the Wedding Ring is HANGING INSIDE!. Great Classic Magic.You receive the wood Ring Box & brass Wedding Bell