Zens Card Miracle

Zens Card Miracle
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  • Item #: ABBzenmir
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $2.00
This is one of the greatest card tricks ever invented! A spectator cuts the pack of cards and counts off 25 cards. Shuffle these cards and have five of them selected by members of the audience. The magician does not view this selection process as his back is turned away during all this. The cards are replaced and the pack shuffled. A spectator is asked to place the cards in five rows of five cards each on an unprepared stand or easel or display board. (When performing this close-up or at a party situation the cards may be placed on the table surface, rather than using an easel.) Note: The cards may be placed in any order, on any row, either face up or face down. The performer then picks out the selected cards, one at a time. No sleight of hand. Easily performed. A real mystifier. By M.F. Zens. $2.00