Zoom Zoom Deck (Meir Yedid Magic)

Zoom Zoom Deck (Meir Yedid Magic)
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  • Item #: GSzoozoodek
  • Manufacturer: George Schindler
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Mike Bornsteins Zoom Zoom Deck is a quick gag that can be used at any point in your show. It is suitable for close-up, stage and all venues in between. As you begin to do a card routine you call attention to your deck of cards and toss it to a spectator in the audience. As the boxed deck comes flying towards their face it quickly stops short and comes back to you. The startled spectator often reacts with a scream as the audience laughs at the surprise. Since Mike first started marketing this gag it has been used by many professional comedy magicians around the world and has even been part of several award-winning acts. Guaranteed to get a laugh. Self contained, always ready to go and is very easy to use. Comes complete with photo-illustrated instructions and a Zoom Zoom Deck.